We associate our success with our clients…

We are happy to provide our assistance and help when needed.

Post sales service often determines the quality of overall satisfaction of the clients and we pride our friendly approach of our TechSupport.

Our support section has detailed Frequently Asked Questions with easy to follow screenshots for self help.

We also have a ticket system when you can generate a ticket and one our TechSupport Executives will be glad to assist.

Why Ticket System :

  • Full documentation. So its on record and helps both of us solve the same problem faster next time.

  • Systematic. We can trace all problems and how fast we attended them

  • Not people dependent. If someone at the TechSupport desk changes, your issue is still recorded and attended

  • Help us improve, we can analyze how many times and how many people are having similar issues

  • Secure, there are less chances that any sensitive information is conveyed to wrong person in your organization.

Also listed here are our Emergency Access details for the times when issues cannot wait and need on the spot attention.

- Ticket System
- Emergency